Welcome to MANJANA® - Solutions to your sweat problems with functional shirts, sweat pads and functional socks.

Since 2004 we offer you our functional undershirts (Body Shirts) against the optical consequences of excessive sweating in the armpit area. Other products have been added in recent years: textile sweat pads and functional socks. We want you to feel comfortable and safe in your everyday life!

All our MANJANA® textile products are designed in Germany and manufactured in Germany and other European countries. In this way, we maintain jobs in Germany and in the EU's neighbouring countries and contribute to the protection of the environment through short distances for transport.


You save clothing wear and energy by reducing washing and say good-bye to yellowing and sweat edges on your outerwear. At the same time you also do not use disposable items as all products are washable.


I will be happy if you find solutions to your sweat problems with my functional shirts, sweat pads or functional socks, which are all made of predominantly cotton!


Yours Anja Michen

Why are you here?

 Do you have problems with sweat stains in the armpit area?

Or do you have sweaty feet?

Basic Shirts


absorb sweat in the generously sewn-in protective area made of 100% cotton.

Plus Shirts


are equipped with an additional, special protective layer that offers even more absorbing capacity! 

Sweat Pads


offer the same protection for quick, direct and uncomplicated affixing in your individual outerwear.

Functional Socks


absorb the foot sweat through a plush inner sole and reduce sweat odour by a silver content in the yarn. 

Product variants:

Shirts with U- and V-neck, women's bustier / Colours: white, black, skin and grey / Sizes S, M, L, XL

Sweat pads in white, black, skin

Functional socks in black / Sizes: M (38-40), L (41-43), XL (44-46)

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Overview of functions:

How to care for your MANJANA® shirts, sweat pads and socks.

You can wash the shirts and sweat pads at 60 degrees. Afterwards they are fresh for use again. Thus the outerwear can miss a few rounds of washing.

You save clothing wear and energy and say good-bye to yellowing and sweat edges!


Textile composition: Shirts/Sweat pads 95% cotton and 5% elastane, protection area Basic 100% cotton/100% polyurethane, protection area Plus 70% polyester/30% polyamide microfiber 

Wash the socks at 30-40 degrees, please do not put them in the dryer, just pull them in shape, let them dry lying. This way you will enjoy the comfort for a long time.


Textile composition: 98% cotton with silver and 2% elastane 

Try it out. We wish you a new experience of your attractivity!

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